I am not a real writer and the furthest thing from a journalist. But, what happened in Beirut today has left me feeling like I need to say speak on a few topics. Before I start rambling about something I know very little about, I would like to state to those personally affected by this that I am deeply sorry. I mourn with those families that lost loved ones today. And I stand by those people who will experience PTSD from the tragic events of today. I do not know you, and I do not know anything about your life. But I do know that this will change your life, and I cannot even begin to imagine what that will be like. I will pray for those physically wounded by the explosion and the effects of it. I will send all the love and light I can muster with each quiet moment I take to those who are mentally affected. I feel the need to apologize because I feel that I am incapable of doing anything more than that. I invite anyone that may see this who has suggestions on ways that I/WE can help to PLEASE message me or leave some feedback. We cannot let our brothers and sisters of the human race carry this burden alone.

Over the past ten years, it seems like it has been tragedy after tragedy. We’re plagued with bombings across Europe, never-ending wars raging within the Middle-East, and drug-wars and mass shootings across the Americas. My heart aches for each innocent being whose life suddenly stops or changes forever with each dark misfortune that presents itself across our globe. In 2020 I have seen more countries bellow for help from disasters we can’t seem to escape or control. Have I just not been paying attention? Or are things getting worse? Australia’s beautiful landscape and wildlife were brought to their knees from relentless wildfires in January, and monsoons plagued Dubai and Indonesia with flooding. Those are just two of the (give or take) twenty catastrophic events that tormented the globe in JANUARY of 2020. There have been volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and diseases spreading throughout countries. If you’re leaving your house or own a television, then I’m sure you’ve heard of at least one. The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is the monster virus currently affecting millions. With all of these disasters, you would think we as a human race would be coming together to stand against these challenges. Why are we still fighting pointless wars? Why can we not seem to agree on one thing?

Instead of helping those in crisis, countries are closing their borders to others in need of refuge. Instead of raising money to aid those dealing with natural disasters, we are pouring money into campaigns arguing about whether or not we should be wearing masks during a global pandemic. And since we brought up that small note, let’s talk about how countries are blaming other countries for being responsible for the outbreak of that pandemic instead of working together to find ways to manage these difficult times. Since when is having an opinion more important than fixing an issue? I am so sorry that we do not agree, but we need to set these differences aside for the time being and help those that need us. Why are hidden agendas and politics deciding what out moral and ethical code is as human beings?

Unless you are ready to accept this downward spiral fate that the planet seems to be advancing in, it is time for us as a human race to stand up and say no more. Can we, as simple civilians, end wars or send our entire life savings to those afflicted by natural disasters? In most cases, we cannot, unfortunately. But there are things we can do in our day to day lives that could change the world. In many different religions and cultures, there is a shared idea, which is commonly known as the golden rule. In basic terms, it states that we should treat others, regardless of who they are, the way that we would expect them to treat us. It’s easy to say those words, but living them has proven to many time and time again to be more difficult than expected. Forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding on a global scale are even more daunting tasks, especially when laws and justice systems come into play.

(THERE IS NO CURRENT EVIDENCE THAT THE EXPLOSION TODAY WAS CAUSED BY A BOMB OR WAS A TERROIST ACT. THIS IS SIMPLY AN EXAMPLE OF MY POINT USING A LARGE GLOBAL SCALE. ) Forgiving the countries that have bombed innocent people in your country seems impossible. But when you think about it, there are very few people responsible for making those decisions. We cannot blame everyone from that country for its leader’s decisions, even if there is some level of voting or democratic system in place. My own country has done things I do not agree with, and one might go as far as to describe them as heinous in some situations. We must learn to accept that it is not our burden to determine who is right and who is wrong. I feel like we have this need and desire to rid the world of evil and grow into this vigilante role charged with seeking out those responsible for pain and suffering when in reality, it just isn’t our place.

Does this mean we should ignore or turn a blind eye to wrongdoings that are happening around us? Of course, it doesn’t! We do still carry a responsibility to raise awareness and make changes where they are needed. What we need to also keep in mind is that we have to find a balance with these things. We know that we cannot keep blinders on and focus only on positive things because then we are living in an imagined world where things are only sunshine and rainbows. But we cannot leave blinders on to only negative issues as well. Not just for our humanity or mental sanity, but quite literally for our physical and cognitive health.

For more information on this please feel free to refer to this article :

We become what we surround ourselves with, and it seems that we are forcibly becoming surrounded by so much negativity that we are now in a battle against succumbing to it. With every gloom-ridden concern that we feel a responsibility to bring awareness to, we must force ourselves to find hope and optimism somewhere else and bring awareness to it as well. We cannot let negativity be our main focus and driving force. We must elevate joy, happiness, and growth as a primary focus in our daily lives. We share bad news because it triggers a strong emotional response within us, and we need to find that same electrified feeling with sharing success stories. If a friend or co-worker has joyous news about their life they want to share with people, we should be just as eager to spread it as we would be with bad news or gossip.

In this fast-paced ever-changing world we live in we will come in contact with challenges, heartaches, and afflictions time and time again. We will grow tired but we can never forget that we are not alone and there will always be hope. We must actively practice when it comes to humanity and choosing how we conduct ourselves every day. We must stay vigilant and not allow ourselves to succumb to the negative and become the negative. There is enough evil in this world without anything we may purposely or mistakenly do. With anyone and any situation, we should take a step back and realize that we genuinely do not understand what others are experiencing in their life or their reasoning for making certain decisions. With no excuses we should treat everyone the way we would hope to be treated.

***My positivity for you today***

~Walmart/Target will be closed on Thanksgiving so workers can spend the holiday with their families.

~More people are realizing how important our local/small businesses are.

~Because more people are working from home there is a greater focus on family

~Because of stem cell research, a person was cured of HIV, making him the second person in the world to be successfully treated.

~There was a breakthrough for in-vitro fertilization with Cheetahs, which gives hope for saving endangered species.

Sources Used:,by%20flashes%20of%20what%20appear%20to%20be%20fireworks. (This Site Was Found To Be Un-Secure For Tracking. Use With Caution.)

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